The Fourth of July was a dangerous time to be in Minneapolis with several people shot and a fireworks war that apparently lasted 'hours' without police response, according to Twitter users.


When I was a kid I remember a bunch of teenagers running through the grounds where people were setting up to watch the fireworks while shooting roman candles up into the air. Even though they weren't aiming at anyone, I can distinctly remember a cop absolutely DEMOLISHING these kids and hauling them into a cop car.

I cannot imagine living or working in Minneapolis and the helplessness one must feel in a situation like this where it's just flat-out chaos. Terrifying.



According to the Star Tribune, Minneapolis Police Chief Amelia Huffman said that the situation was 'challenging,' as people were shooting fireworks at first responders who arrived at the scene.

"This was an extremely challenging situation with a very large and hostile crowd [downtown]. People were shooting commercial-grade fireworks at first responders."

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey held a news conference and seemed to put the blame for the incidents on the shoulders of the parents of the individuals involved.

"If you're the parents of children that were out last night, you need to know where they are," Frey said. "If you have friends that were involved in some of this horrible conduct, you need to be setting them straight."

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