ST. CLOUD -- With kids 12 and older eligible to get their COVID-19 vaccines, CentraCare is offering vaccinations at pediatric clinics rather than at mass vaccinations sites.

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Dr. Jill Amsberry is a pediatrician with CentraCare. She says as more kids become eligible for the vaccine, they wanted to make sure families and kids were in a more comfortable environment.

I think that's one of the exicting things about bringing it back to a patients medical home. We have an opportunity as their trusted care providers to have these conversations and address questions with someone who has been taking care of them for many years.

Amsberry says families can either schedule a COVID vaccine for their child at their next checkup or by making an appointment.

She says while we have reached another age group who is eligible for the COVID vaccine, it still may be some time before the vaccines become available for even younger kids.

When we are looking at vaccinating younger age groups, there my be some other studies done as far as doses and things like that. We need a little more time to make sure the safety and dosage data is appropriate before the vaccine rolls out for that age group.

Amsberry says there is hope the vaccine will be available for that next group of kids prior to the start of the school year, however no official timeline has been given.

She recommends families with unvaccinated kids continue to follow safety guidelines when out in public, like wearing a mask and social distancing.


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