How Do You Defeat a Case of the Mondays?
Mondays are the worst. It is just a fact of life. A new survey found 64% of people hate Mondays. That number seems awfully low to me. The survey also found a list of things people do to help them get through the Monday "blahs" - Drink extra coffee...
The hashtag #My4WordLateExcuse is trending on Twitter right now and some of the tweets are definitely worth a good laugh!
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Quotes to Get You Through the Work Day
Season 2 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is available on Netflix as of midnight last night!! I am so excited, this is one of my favorite shows for multiple reasons. It is hilarious, it addresses bigger issues in society but in a lighthearted way, and Tina Fey is the creator of the show...
One Direction in Minneapolis
I don't really know how to begin to tell you how much fun the One Direction concert was. I was sitting in the second to last row of the upper deck (pretty much as far away from the stage as it gets) and it was still amazing.
Suitsy – The Business Suit Onesie
If you could get away with wearing pajamas to work everyday, would you? Suitsy is the perfect solution for career driven people who have a "relaxed-fit" mind.

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