Everyday Things That Have An Important Purpose
If you are anything like me, you sometimes wonder what purpose certain household items serve. Like the holes on pen caps and the mini pocket in the pocket of jeans! Here is a list of everyday things that actually serve a real purpose!
- When you buy super nice clothes (which I don't do oft…
New District Take On Roller Coasters at Mall of America! [Video]
Abbey took the boys in New District to the Mall of America last week to ride roller coasters at Nickelodeon Universe and get them all hyped up to play at Sartell Middle School! Check out the videos from the rides above!
If you missed out on their show at Sartell Middle, check it out below...
Frenship Talks “Capsize” and Plans for 2017 [Video]
Earlier this week I got to talk to Jason and Brett of Frenship! They are such fun guys! Their new song "Capsize" is our New Music Flip or Flop song this week, make sure you vote for it!
If you were wondering what the weird talking at the end of the song is, the answer is in the…

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