According to MnDOT no fatal crashes were reported in the Lowry Tunnel between 2018-2020.

Last night, two people were killed and one severely injured after a vehicle struck the freeway barrier on I-94 before crashing into the Lowry Hill Tunnel and bursting into flame.

In the video shared by MN Safety, a BMW can be seen approaching the Lowry Tunnel at a high rate of speed. It strikes the barrier separating east-bound and west-bound lanes and then slides along the barrier before striking the wall of the tunnel and bursting into flame. According to the Minnesota State Patrol report, the vehicle's fuel line ruptured, causing the explosion. Two of the three occupants were killed while the third was transported with life-threatening injuries. In the video below, one of the passengers can be seen being thrown out of the vehicle; some in the comment section say the passenger was thrown out a window.

(Warning: Graphic Content)

We recently addressed a claim that Minneapolis's Lowry Hill Tunnel is the most dangerous freeway tunnel in the world. We could find no evidence of that ourselves, at least as far as fatalities. An email from Eric Lauer-Hunt, P.E. with the Minnesota Department of Transportation reports 26 crashes reported in the Interstate 94 Lowry Tunnel in 2018, 17 in 2019, and 10 in 2020, none of them fatal.

The Lowry Tunnel crash closed the tunnel for several hours, reports Bring Me the News. The two passengers killed were a 31- and 34-year old male; the third passenger is reported to be a 24-year old male from Minneapolis.

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