According to Business Insider, Minnesotans sit around eating tater tots all day.

Business Insider recently determined each state's top snack food. No factors or qualifications for their research were given, so we're not entirely sure how they determined these or how accurate they are.

Our neighbors to the east in Wisconsin predictably were noted for loving their cheese curds. In Iowa, walking tacos are apparently popular. In South Dakota chislic (grilled, skewered meat) is a hot commodity while in North Dakota they enjoy their sweet and savory Widman's Chippers.

Meanwhile, Minnesota's favorite snack food according to Business Insider is tater Tots.

Whether they're eaten on their own or served as a hot dish, like casserole or chicken pot pie, tater tots are a big hit in Minnesota.

Now hold on just a minute.

I'll admit we Minnesotans enjoy a good tater tot hot dish now and then, and we might even opt for crispy tots over french fries on occasion. But I don't think anyone would say tater tots are our favorite snack. We don't just sit around eating tater tots at home or heating up leftover tater tots for lunch. We're not passing out tater tots at our kids soccer practices or ordering buttered tots at the movie theater.

I can think of any other number of edibles more befitting of Minnesota's favorite snack. Honeycrisp apples? Blueberry muffins? KIND Bars? Yeah, sure, you betcha. But tater tots? Mmm, nope, thank you, next!

So until Business Insider can show me their survey results or credible research findings, I'm calling BS. And shame on you, Buzzfeed, for regurgitating such nonsense!

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