Brittany Murphy died in 2009 from pneumonia and her husband, Simon Monjack died of the same thing five months later. Brittany's mom claims the builders of the house they lived in are to blame for the mold that led to their illnesses.

Sharon Murhpy accepted a settlement for the construction defects earlier this year. But, she claims that her lawyers didn't tell her that by accepting that payment she wouldn't be able to go after the builders in a wrongful death suit.

She is now suing her former lawyers for failing to fully explain the terms of that settlement. She wants the lawyers to pay her what she could have won in a wrongful death suit plus damages.

Not to pick sides or blame anyone or thing for the death of Brittany and her husband, but didn't Sharon stay in that home as well? She didn't get sick. Just saying. I'm no doctor or mold expert, but it just seems a little odd that she is healthy and wants more money.

What do you think? Was it the home that killed Brittany and Simon?

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