A few weeks ago, news broke that Britney Spears left X-Factor to head to Vegas. It seems that rumor was just that, a rumor.

This gig that she was in talks to do would have scored her $100 Million for a year's residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Only problem with that, is Caesars says its not happening!

Caesars Entertainment told BuzzFeed that

"they are in not in talks with Spears, and she will not be coming to Caesars' Colosseum anytime soon."

So now what?!!? According to the report Caesars may not be in talks with Britney right now, but it's not like they wouldn't be up for giving her a residency.

"Caesars is always interested in having artists with the caliber of Britney Spears performing at our theaters."

That's good new for Brit. Caesars is booked up until 2014 with contracts with Celine Dion, Elton John, and Shania Twain. Rod Stewart is also there, and his two-year contract is up this August! As long as Brit stays healthy and puts out the album that she said she's going to do, I think Vegas might be her next home!

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