I am openly admitting this; I love Britney Spears!

She is the comeback queen. I don't like to see people fall on hard times, but seeing someone go from the top to rock bottom to getting their act together makes me happy (not the hitting rock bottom part). I know a lot of people criticize her for her parenting skills, vocal ability, dancing, but what you have to admit is, her songs are catchy. Isn't that the point of pop music? When I am out for a jog or doing my at home workouts, its the upbeat songs that get me to keep working at getting the body I want; to do one more rep, one more lap, one more of whatever I am doing. I like her because she just doesn't give up, and that is my moto. DON'T GIVE UP!

Anyway, back to the original reason behind this post, her body. I saw lots of people crying PHOTOSHOP on this cover photo for Shape Magazine and their June issue. Really? If it were photoshopped to make her body look incredible, they would have slimmed her arms down, pinched her waist in, and who knows what else. Maybe they airbrushed her body to give her an even skin tone, so what. When I have pictures taken, that is what I want done. Don't make me not look like me, just give me a tan.

To compare what she looks like outside of the photo session, check out her bikini body back in March. No photoshop there and her body is smoking! Click here to see that picture.

I personally think that there may be some airbrushing, but not plastic surgery with the click of a button going on. Don't be jealous of her body, get off your butt and move and you too can have a rockin bod!

Do you think her body is real or photoshopped? P.S. Is she getting into shape for a Las Vegas residency?!?!

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