I saw this Facebook post and thought "there is no way this is real", but it is! Blaze pink will now join camo and blaze orange in the hunting color spectrum. It says right in the 2017 Hunting and Trapping Regulations handbook:

Blaze orange or pink camouflage patterns are allowed and must be at least 50 percent blaze orange or pink within each square foot

The color has been legal in Wisconsin for a while now, originally trying to target the female hunting population.

According to Majid Sarmadi, a professor and expert on the science of color at the University of Wisconsin, the right shade of pink could be even brighter to the human eye than orange, and less visible to deer. It is a win-win!

Unfortunately the MN DNR does not endorse the new blaze pink color. There haven't been any studies done to find if it is safer or not, and some color blind people can see orange but not pink. There still needs to be some testing done to find which shade of pink will be best for hunters and their safety, but it is pretty cool that this is happening! Now if you will excuse me, I am off to Fleet Farm to get blaze pink hunting bibs.

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