A coffee shop in Big Lake is bringing a smile to faces in the community with its unique "pay it forward" board. The Ember Coffee Company in Big Lake has a few free drinks up for grabs:


Ember Coffee's “Pay it Forward” is a program that exists to show kindness to one another in our community. You can contribute by purchasing an additional drink when you come in next time and gifting it to someone. Or, find a note on the wall that matches you and claim your free drink!

Customers at the shop can either leave a name on the board for a specific person, or they can leave something a bit more vague that matches with multiple people. If you match with one, boom, free coffee. Otherwise, you can buy a coffee for whoever you want to!

Some people have left basics, like black coffee, while others leave more specific drinks like a large turtle mocha or a latte.

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On its Facebook page, Ember Coffee shared that as of Tuesday anyone matching these descriptions is eligible for a free cup of coffee (if they are the first to snag it):

A New Dad
A Morgan or Sloan
A Current or Past Marine
Someone Going On A Mission Trip
Pastor or Church Leader


Ember Coffee is located on Jefferson Boulevard in Big Lake.

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