If you've been out shopping lately, maybe you noticed that there seems to be a good supply of essentials like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc. Although in some places there are still limits on how much you can buy of certain items. Certain grocery items may be tough to find getting closer to the holidays

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America
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Don't get too comfortable with all the restocked shelves. As the pandemic numbers climb, especially in our part of the country, there is a strong possibility that supply chains could be slowed down, again, like a few months ago and some things may be hard to find.

If you are already doubling up on your holiday supplies, you are not alone. There seem to be a lot of people that are stocking up in the event there is another shortage, like before.

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It would really suck to have the holidays approaching and you have very little to pick from at the grocery store.  Sooner than later, it's recommended that you pick up what you actually need at the grocery store.  Let's not have this hoarding thing happen again.

According to the most recent infection numbers, so far, October is seeing the highest numbers in 2 months. The possibility of it getting worse is a pretty safe bet with cooler weather moving in and people spending more time indoors.

So, I would recommend, without being one of those hoarder type people, get out there early and stock up on whatever supplies you'll need to entertain and eat during the holiday season.

Good luck!

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