ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A lost and forgotten ballroom in East St. Cloud was home to big band dances, weddings, pageants, and holiday dances was ultimately converted into a roller skating rink.

Mary Ostby is the Executive Director of the Benton County Historical Society.  She says at its peak, the property was 12,000 square feet, had two apartments, and three acres of parking.

The Red Stable Ballroom dates back to at least 1928.  In 1930 it became the Colonial Ballroom.  By 1937, the ballroom underwent a remodel that included a 70-foot bar and 3,200 square-foot dance floor.

After the upgrades, the property was renamed the Crystal Ballroom. It then became the Ballerina Ballroom by 1951. However, at that time the Big Band era was ending and ballrooms were losing popularity.

The owners of the business converted the ballroom into the Ballerina Roller Rink around 1954.  The large space also held other events like wrestling during that time.

Ostby says in 1961 a fire broke out in the chimney and damaged the structure.  Repairs were made and it reopened as a roller rink again.  After a short time, the building was put up for rent.

In 1966, the Ballerina opened as a roller rink yet again and was under new management. It would be renamed Skateland. After what was an approximately two-year run, 4-H groups began using the skating rink as part of their programs.

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Ostby says that is the last record of the ballroom and skating rink.  No record was found of the building being sold after that time or when it was demolished.

If anyone has any additional information on the Ballerina Ballroom, contact Ostby at the Benton County Historical Society.

Ballerina Ballroom




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