At first, the TV was great and modern. It even had a hook-up for high-definition in the back! Fancy! It moved from my dad's house, to my first apartment, next apartment, my next three homes and now my current home.

However, it hasn't been turned on for years and is now sitting in the garage at work. Despite my sentimental attachment to it, it's time to get rid of it. Getting rid of a TV like this in the year 2020 can be pretty cost-prohibitive.

Then I discovered Benton County's Amnesty Day, which is slated for Saturday, June 27th at Sauk Rapids-Rice High School. The event runs from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Benton County residents are welcome to bring items such as appliances, tires, furniture, televisions, vehicle batteries, demolition waste and scrap metal.

However, Amnesty Day does not mean you can bring whatever you want to get disposed of. Items not accepted include household waste, tractor tires, oil and oil filters and more.

This is a good opportunity to get your garage cleared out if you are a Benton County resident and maybe earn some kudos from your spouse for getting the garage looking so clean.

Benton residents can call 320-968-5065 with any questions about the event.

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