NO, its not 1990, its 2016, and Bell Biv Devoe are celebrating over 25 years of success with a new single, album and tour. The trio comprised of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ron Devoe were in Minneapolis with New Edition performing the hits that made them famous. The guys branched off from NE back in 1989 at the suggestion of Minneapolis based producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. BBD released their debut album in 1990, and hit the Billboard Hot 100 with hits like "Poison," "Do Me," and "When Will I See You Smile Again."

I caught up with the guys on Sunday night at the Target Center right before they took the stage with New Edition. We talked about the groups new single "Run" and how even after 30 years of making music, they still get excited to hear their music on Mix 94.9.

P.S. My wife was taping the interview for me. I'm not sure why she cuts off our heads at times. I think she was just excited to meet the guys.