Every weekday during Middays with Adam (10am-3pm), Adam shares some facts and trivia in a fun segment called Believe it or No (the Minnesotan version, you could say, of Ripley's Believe it or Not!).

Here are this past week's fun facts and trivia from Believe it or No:

  • You produce enough saliva every day to fill a wine bottle . . . and enough over the course of your lifetime to fill up 53 bathtubs.     You produce enough saliva every day to fill a wine bottle . . . and enough over the course of your lifetime to fill up 53 bathtubs. (Source: Science Focus)
  • It's impossible to poison a possum.  They produce a protein that basically neutralizes ANY poison that enters their body.  And scientists are trying to use it to build a universal poison antidote for people. (Source: Yahoo)
  • The oldest cat in history lived to be 38 years and three days old . . . that's about the equivalent of 169 in human years.  It died in 2005. (Source: Guinness World Records)
  • When a mosquito bites you, it needs to clear room in its body for the blood . . . so it pees on you. (Source: Something About Science)
  • Shredder, who's the main bad guy in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", was originally going to be called "The Grater" or "Grate Man" because the weapons attached to his arms were designed to look like giant cheese graters. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • There's a fake McDonald's in City of Industry, in Southern California, that's just used for filming. Most of the McDonald's ads you've seen were shot in that building. (Source: Roadside America)
  • Pumpkin beer dates back to early colonists in the U.S. who didn't have enough grains available to make normal beer, so they used the cheapest substitute, which was pumpkin. (Source: Mental Floss)
  • There are at least twice as many kangaroos in Australia as people.  There are about 50 million kangaroos and 25 million people. (Source: PCB Heaven)
  • Samuel L. Jackson only has one Oscar nomination in well over 100 films.  He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for "Pulp Fiction" in 1994 . . . and he lost to Martin Landau for "Ed Wood". (Source: Wikipedia)
  • The first Wrigley Field wasn't in Chicago . . . a baseball park in Los Angeles called Wrigley Field opened in 1925.  The Cubs' stadium was called Cubs Park at that point, but changed its name to Wrigley Field in 1926.  The L.A. one was torn down in 1969. (Source: Gizmodo)

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