BECKER -- Like most other school districts, Becker could use some help getting through the rest of the school year.

Superintendent Jeremy Schmidt posted a plea for workers on the district's social media accounts last week. He says the biggest need is for fill-in workers when the full-time staff is out sick.

We've got shortages in teaching staff, paraprofessional staff, drivers both bus and van, food service and custodial.  We're just looking to keep our school running at a high level, and we're running out of people and options.  We're looking to get some help from our community.

Schmidt says there are full-time permanent positions open for bus drivers, custodial, food service, and paraprofessionals.

He says they don't have any full-time teaching positions that are open.

In order to be a substitute teacher, you need to have a four-year degree.

People with four-year degrees can do that.  Our transportation staff you have to be 18 years old to drive those vehicles.  We've tried to stay at 21, but we've lowered that to 18.

Schmidt says they had to make adjustments to the bus routes last week going out an hour later, due to a lack of bus drivers. He says support staff in the classroom just need to be 18 years old with a high school diploma. In order to work as a custodian or in food service, you can be as young as 16-years-old.

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Schmidt says since he posted the message last week he's had about 10 to 12 people apply.

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