So, since trans-gender, non binary, other members of the LGBTQ community have mentioned wanting "bathroom equality" (neutral bathrooms) there have been some changes seen in some bathroom signs in public places.  I think Minnesota based Target was one of the first places to do this publicly, stating that if you identify as male or female, or are free to use the bathroom that goes along with that gender.  Some people had an issue with this.

Luna Facebook page
Luna Facebook page

This situation that happened with Target was a couple of years ago.  At least it seems like a couple of years ago. Anyway, now, there is a bathroom sign in a popular retaurant in Fargo.  They have had this sign up for years, apparently and said on their Facebook page that this is the first time that anyone has had an issue with it.

Being inclusive.  That is what a community is supposeed to do, right?  This person that had an issue with the sign said he didn't agree with this, and that his date decided that they weren't going to use the bathroom because of this sign.

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My question is this- would it have been better if the sign had just said "restroom"?  I mean, yes, they do seem like they were kind of doing a play on the bathroom sign being inclusive.  But they do state that they take inclusivity very seriously, and they don't want to offend, but rather to make everyone feel comfortable. The fact is, apparently, that they only have a single bathroom. So, no matter what the situation, this would be a bathroom that would be used by either gender, regardless of what the person identifies as.

Would you be offended by this sign, or find the humor in it, and roll with it?

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