Ariana Grande is a kickass, alien-fighting space princess that shoots rockets from her tatas in her new video for ‘Break Free’ feat. Zedd — and that’s just the beginning!

The 21-year-old pop star went for a literal interpretation of her song for her new vid, which kicks off with Ariana kicking ugly alien butt to break her fellow humans out of barred cages. She uses a few martial arts moves and a laser gun — and her breast rockets, let's not forget those — to take out her enemies.

Also, there’s an evil overlord that attempts to sacrifice Ariana before she breaks free and escapes to her spaceship to throw a starry-skied rager that's DJed by Zedd. Yes, really!

Though ‘Break Free’ is pretty different from other videos we’ve seen from her, there are a few details that we’ve learned to expect from the 'Problem' singer. There’s her high ponytail, of course; her now iconic white knee-high platform boots; and a few scenes of her lying on the floor with her hair fanned out behind her as she stares sultrily into the camera, except this time she's on a ship hurtling through space.

Overall, 'Break Free' is not a video to be missed. Check out Ariana's latest above!

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