I am so glad it is not 1967 because I would make the worst homemaker ever!

A Betty Crocker Homemaker quiz from that year has just resurfaced and I totally failed it! You can take the quiz for yourself, I have the answers posted at the bottom!

1. Lucy and Tom are building a new house, and Lucy wants convenience features that enable her to do her household tasks without an excessive expenditure of energy. Which of the following would contribute least to conserving Lucy's energy?

A. A one-story house

B. Work counters that are all the proper height for Lucy

C. Shelves that are all within Lucy's arm reach

D. Rooms all opening off the same hallway


2. Which of the following illustrates the best time management?

A. Placing all soiled laundry in one large hamper on casters

B. Rinsing all dishes completely before loading dishwasher

C. Removing clothes to be ironed from drier while still slightly damp and ironing immediately

D. Ironing cotton and linen articles before those containing synthetic fibers


3. Which rule is least appropriate for economical shopping?

A. Know how much you have to spend and plan accordingly

B. Learn what foods in each basic group give the most food value for the money spent

C. Always buy food "specials"

D. Watch for sales of desired foods


4. In order to make a constructive use of their leisure time, the Smiths want to plan a recreation that the entire family will enjoy. Which of the following is the best way to reach a decision?

A. Let Mr. Smith decide, because he has less leisure time than the others

B. Let Mrs. Smith decide, because she knows the family's needs and interests

C. Have the whole family concentrate on each person's favorite recreation in turn

D. Hold a family discussion and base the choice on general agreement


5. Which of the following is a fundamental principle of good furniture arrangement?

A. Keep centers of visual interest away from the furniture

B. Keep large pieces of furniture away from the walls

C. Do not mix very small and very large pieces of furniture

D. Use accessories of a size contrasting with furniture


1. D
2. C
3. C
4. D
5. C

How did you do? Leave your score in the comments below!

Source: Glamour