I'll be honest, I next to never eat fast food.  It's just not my thing... generally.  But there are those times when time is not your friend, and it's quick and easy to just swing through McDonald's and pick up something to eat.  And I've always gravitated towards the salads.  They are rather tasty and pretty low-cal.  So, it's a win-win. Tried to get a salad earlier this week and was informed that they were removed from the menu. WHAT???  When?  Turns out it was last April. Shows you how much I go for fast food.  Super bummer!


Why would they do that?  One of the complaints that people have had regarding fast food was the fact that there weren't any healthy options, and sometimes fast food is all you have time for, and the salads were a great option for this need.

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The answer- along with every other answer this year regarding things that have gone away is the....Pandemic.  UGH!  Again??  The Pandemic strikes again.  Apparently it was somewhat of a cost thing.  There is different lettuce that is used for their sandwiches- burgers and chicken sandwiches than is used for their salads.  Not only does it cost more, but it takes employees quite a bit of time to put the salads together each day.  So, by taking them off the menu, McDonald's employees can be much more efficient.

So, are they ever going to come back?

Judging by the brand's Tweets at wondering customers, McDonald's doesn't seem to have any imminent plans to bring the salad back. "We hope you find a new favorite soon," is about as telling of an answer as any—salads are likely gone for good, after having spent almost 30 years on McDonald's menus.

Well, that's kind of the pits!  That was my go-to thing there!  Now what?  Apparently the parfaits were removed too.  I guess I'm going to breakfast when I need to go there, although they also removed the all day breakfast.  So, better get there before the breakfast cut-off time.  The Egg McMuffin only has about 300 calories in it.  Not too bad for a breakfast sandwich. Just better skip the extras that come with it... how about adding the Egg White Delight back to the menu?  That was good too.  I could do without the McRib, but I know that's a favorite of a lot of people.

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