To the awful person at the Waite Park splash pad:

Whatever is going on in your world and whatever problems you are dealing with in your personal life, please don't take it out on your kids. All children are a blessing and all children deserve love.

I was at the Waite Park splash pad Monday with my three-year-old.  He was running around playing with other kids and having a grand old time, I was sitting in the shade on a bench watching my kid have a blast. Win-win.

As I sat on the bench, I saw a girl fall and hit her head on the concrete. I looked around and expected a parent to come swooping in but instead you, whatever you are, barely looked up from your phone and yelled out "that's what you get for running! It's your own fault!" while the poor kid tried to choke back tears and plead that she wasn't actually hurt.

I can't imagine what that would feel like for that girl, to be physically in pain but still have to be tough enough to stand up to you and your awfulness.

That was bad enough but, sure enough, it gets worse. As I was giving my kid juice a short time later, you started yelling at the girl again about how she was "grounded."

I'm not sure what led up to this moment, but you said one of the most awful things I have ever heard a person say to a child:

"You're right! I'm not your mom! I thank God every day that I am not your mom. I stopped after having one kid, your dad was an idiot and had you."

I wanted to wrap that poor girl up in a bear hug as she just stood there, shocked and crying, while you sat and ate Cheetos like it was just another day. There was even an older relative there with you that apparently thinks what you said was just fine. She is just as awful as you.

I wanted to cuss you out myself right then and there but I needed to be a good example for my kid. We packed up our stuff and left and I will probably always regret not saying anything.

Whatever it is that has made you such a miserable person does not need to be taken out on, and passed on to, your kid. Do better.

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