After being saved last week on ‘American Idol,’ Elise Testone had to bring her A game to the stage in this episode. Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ might have seemed like a risky choice, but the song’s deep soul fit her like a glove.

Wearing a tasteful black dress and perched atop a grand piano, Elise used her smoky voice to her andante. The rasp that complimented her on really came through, making her rendition sultry and soulful. She finished the song off smooth and sweet, giving a little bit of balance to the gravel that often pervades her voice. The audience was loving it.

The judges took no issue with the audience love. Steven Tyler said “God I love your voice!” Jennifer Lopez said it was “right on every single level,” and Randy Jackson told America that “Elise is back!”

Elise is beyond safe in this round, and seems to have really found her voice. May she go far in this competition.

Watch Elise Testone Perform ‘Let’s Stay Together’ on ‘American Idol’

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