You may have heard us talking about it on Friday or Saturday, and it kind of fell under most of our radars with all the messy political events happening on our planet, but Saturday night, the Moon was the closest it's been to Earth since 1993. The rare event is called a 'Perigee Moon', meaning that the moon is as close as it can get to us. (The opposite is called an Apogee Moon) NASA explains it much better. This event also explains why there were 50 TV shows about Werewolves over the weekend.

I remember seeing this phenomenon as a wee lad in Ohio, and being scared outta my wits! The memory still haunts me to this day. I was hoping to see it again, and my son, Aidan was pumped about this as well. He is an amateur astronomer and took the picture of the moon I used as the photo for this post. Believe it or not, it was shot through his telescope, and on my iPhone, no less! The photo was taken last Summer during another full moon.

For most of the planet it was an amazing sight, a giant golden or orange orb hanging so ominous, you might get a little freaked out. However, in St. Cloud, we were shut out due to the cloud cover and misty conditions. So on Sunday I frantically searched for images we could use on our website without getting sued. Alas, our photo service provided but ONE:


Kind of a let down eh?

So, I set out to find a link that had some amazing shots I could share with you- and boy oh boy did I find one! Check out this blog from as photographers from around the world share their images with us. Truly breathtaking!

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