There's no wrong way to eat ice cream. With chocolate syrup, topped by peanuts, mixed with fruit... it's literally all good. However, every time I top my ice cream with my favorite topping I get weird looks from my wife.

Powdered Nestle Quik is a cheat code for ice cream. It looks like I just dumped a bunch of cinnamon into my ice cream but I assure you it is wonderful, delicious chocolate.

It's a bit powdery until you get used to it. The key is the way the flavors mix in your mouth, with the ice cream melting into a chocolate milk-type flavor experience. At the end of the bowl of ice cream you end up with a delicious paste-like chocolate treat, as opposed to the chocolate syrup's insistence on sticking entirely to the bowl.

My grandpa swore by Nestle Quik on, well, pretty much everything. He would fill a glass half-full with milk, then dump roughly 1/4th of a can of Quik in there and stir it until it reached a paste-like consistency. He literally had to eat it with a spoon.

I don't go that far, just a little sprinkle of the sweet stuff is enough to get me through my day. At this age I don't think I could handle all that sugar doing it my grandpa's way.

So, fellow Minnesotans I ask you whether or not this topping is strange. I beg my fellow Quik consumers to rise up and tell me you are on my side. Please, join my Quik gang and help me spread the chocolate gospel.

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