This could actually be worth braving those sub-zero temps for!

While most people are either stuck at home or intentionally staying home this week, the Travelers Inn Restaurant in Alexandria is giving people a reason to get out with their "Degrees Below Zero Discount!"

In a hilarious video that's since gone viral with over 34k views and counting, restaurant manager Patrick Sieve breaks down the discount:

"If it's 31 degrees below zero, if it's 35 degrees below zero, guess what -- bada-bing bada-bing, you're getting 35 percent off, 31 percent off...whatever it is degrees below zero you're getting the percentage off, ok!"

Travelers Inn has been an Alexandria mainstay and open since 1926. It's been run by the Sieve family for over 50 years and delivers "mouth watering food and an unbeatable price."

Well, through Friday, February 1 that unbeatable price is looking pretty unbelievable! I'm not suggesting you go out unnecessarily, but if you're heading to Traveler's Inn be sure to take a screenshot of your weather app!

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