My weekend started with me driving up to Alexandria on Friday evening to meet my new niece, Lila Jo. She had had quite a few visitors the first 24 hours of her life, but I was the only one she woke up for and looked at. I'd say I'm already crushing this aunt thing.

Saturday morning I woke up early to run errands before the weather got too bad. I ended up making a bunch of freezer meals, and 4 dozen cookies for my sister and brother-in-law. I wanted to make sure no one was going hungry while trying to adjust to having a new born.

Saturday afternoon I needed a break so I went and hit up the golf simulators at Sta-Fit in Sartell. It felt so good to swing a club again.

Late on Saturday night I noticed a weird weather thing happening when I let my dog out. It was weirdly light outside for 11:05 pm. The pic below of it wasn't edited or adjusted in anyway, and we all know how bad iPhones are in low light. Weird stuff.

Sunday was a mess. Snow had drifted into our driveway, and our road didn't get plowed until 10 am. I wasn't able to make it to Long Prairie to my niece's baptism, but I did get to see it via Facetime and my sister held my face on her phone for a picture.

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