Ope, looks like there are some flurries in the forecast! You just parked your car at work for the day, and on your way in you either do one of two things.

You either flip up your windshield wipers, or you don't.

I never knew about this phenomenon until I moved to St. Cloud, but now I see it everywhere. People love flipping up their wiper blades before it snows.

I have never tried it but I can see its merits. I'm guessing it makes it easier to scrape the windshield in general and also prevents the arms themselves from developing ice. The problem is, I am stubborn. I'm 40 now and pretty set in my ways.

I'm guessing the wiper-up folks are more responsible in general. They plan ahead and follow through with their goals. They always eat their veggies with dinner and make their bed in the morning. The wiper-uppers got good grades in school and only swear if it's really necessary.

Us wiper-downers just love throwing caution to the wind. We will always drive around with our cars on 'E' (we will get gas in the morning before work), we eat pizza and hamburgers every day, get a haircut only when it is way beyond taming and we don't give a crap how hard it snows we will figure it out later.

With alllll that being said, which type of Minnesotan are you?

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