The holidays are a hectic time for everyone, especially those working in shipping and delivery jobs. The volume of packages being ordered greatly increases over the holidays and delivery drivers are putting in major hours to make sure everything arrives on time.

If you'd like to say "thank you" to your Amazon delivery driver this season, Echo devices are making that easy, and it's at no cost to you.

Midwest Money Saving Mommas was the page I saw this information on first. They shared:

It’s easy — simply say “Alexa, thank my driver” or “Alexa, tell my driver thank you” using your Echo device or Alexa on the Amazon App — your last Amazon Driver will be sent $5, Amazon is giving out $5,000,000! This costs you nothing!

It seemed too good to be true so I did some more digging and according to This is a real announcement by Amazo, and was being applied to the first 1 million drivers.

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Photo by Wicked Monday on Unsplash
Photo by Wicked Monday on Unsplash

The official announcement from Amazon can also easily be found online verifying that this is a real thing you can do to thank your driver this holiday season:

Starting December 7, any time a customer says “Alexa, thank my driver,” the driver who delivered their most recent package will be notified of the customer’s appreciation. And, in celebration of this new feature, with each thank-you received from customers, drivers will also receive an additional $5, at no cost to the customer.

Other things you can do to show your appreciation to delivery drivers this holiday season:

  • Leave a handwritten thank-you for them where they can easily grab it without delaying their route
  • Leave out bottles of water or gatorade to grab and go
  • Leave packaged snacks to grab and go
  • Thank them in person when you see them drop off your order.

The holidays are all about sharing love and light, extend it to everyone you meet.

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