It can sometimes feel like the entire world is hanging on by a thread, especially if you are a social media user. Abortion, gun control, inflation... all the news seems bad lately.

However, in the real world, things can still be quite good. Case in point a trip to the local Dairy Queen in Sauk Rapids.

There are a bunch of great DQ locations in the area but I prefer the ones where you get out of the car and wait in line outside, for the vibes. I went to DQ on Thursday night and the line was quite long, but it was a beautiful night and standing outside sounded better to me than sitting behind someone's exhaust in the drive thru somewhere.

Places like this offer a great reminder that life is, in fact, good.

Here comes a family of four, fresh off a baseball practice with the kids still in their dirty baseball uniforms, chatting about their day as they wait for their well-earned treat.

Here's a group of teenage girls sitting around a circular table eating ice cream and laughing about something, phones tucked away in their purses for the moment.

Here comes grandpa and grandma to join a family in line, surprising them with their presence and delighting them by springing for the ice cream treats after they order.

The workers, despite clearly being very busy and very tired after a long day, served the ice cream with smiles and gratitude without a hint of grumpiness.

Not only that, but what could be better than sitting outside on a beautiful Minnesota summer night eating an ice cream and forgetting about your troubles if only for a few minutes?

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