For six years and running now, Minnesota-based Brat Pack Radio has been performing far and wide across the globe.  From Midwestern venues & festivals near home, to the Russian coast, European riverboats and 1,001 points in between, they continue to turn heads with a polished, high-energy, non-stop Supershow that can only be described as seriously fun.

And TOTALLY 80's!

Co-frontman Ryan Lance is a 4-time Emmy Award Winning songwriter , and also a founding member of a cappella darlings The Blenders, who’ve produced 14 albums over the last 20 years, and toured extensively throughout the U.S.  With the remainder of the band rounded out by top Twin Cities musicians, Brat Pack Radio’s airtight performances readily live up to the “radio-” and ‘80s-centric aura in the name.

And though it is mostly 80's music, the Supershow is also infused with a healthy dose of 21st century sensibility, including sharply executed “time warp” forays into present day homage (Beyonce, Timberlake, Gaga, to name a few).  Kind of sounds like the music you hear on MIX 94.9, eh?

Not so coincidentally, Brat Pack Radio will be performing at The Benton Station in Sauk Rapids this Saturday night, and MIX 94.9 will be there!  The show starts at 10pm - and you can get on the VIP list by calling 251-5695 - all week long.

Brat Pack Radio will have you on the dance floor all night, with dance-pop favorites and R&B hits.  Add to that the visual spectacle – everything from knife-juggling and spinning keyboards to stylish choreography and an impressive LED light show – and it’s sure to be a show you won't soon forget.

To hear songs, see videos, view their play list, or get any other info on Brat Pack Radio, click here.

The MIX Entourage will be looking for you - this Saturday night at The Benton Station!  The 'Guess' jacket, and parachute pants, are encouraged - but not required.