Your air conditioning might be working overtime this weekend. The National Weather Service is predicting temperatures in the mid 80's this week with temperatures in the 90's by Friday and Saturday. Here are some things you should know ahead of the heat!

hot weather

1. The best chance for 90 degree weather will be Saturday & Sunday.

2. Heat indices will be between 95 degrees and 103 degrees.

3. This weekend will mark the hottest weather for the year so far.

4. The changing of the weather pattern this weekend to warmer, more humid weather could cause severe thunderstorms this weekend.

5. If you're elderly or have health issues, you should avoid doing any excessive or extraneous activities outdoors.

6. You should be drinking 4 cups of water for ever hour you're exposed to the heat when the heat index is more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Signs of dehydration include; bad headache, dark urine and constipation.

7. Animals get hot differently than people do. You can't just go by the thermostat for your pets because you also have to factor in the humidity. Dogs shouldn't be outside too long. Remember, you should walk your dog in the grass because the hot asphalt can burn their paws.

8. Your vehicle, if parked in the sun, could reach 150 degrees. Don't leave kids or pets in the car for even a second. It's extremely dangerous, illegal and could be deadly.


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