Spring is here! The weather might not look great for the rest of the week, but we survived another Minnesota Winter and that is what matters!

Here are the eight things Minnesotans do on the first day of spring!

1. Take out the patio furniture - Even if it isn't the perfect spring day today, you'll want to be prepared for it when it happens!

2.Grill Food - There could be a blizzard and I know my dad would still be grilling burgers. It's spring! Food over an open flame is a must!

3. Try to find a pair of flip flops - Why can I only find the left one? Are my right ones still hibernating?

4. Start making plans to "head up to the lake" - Your cabin/ lake lot has been sitting dormant all winter. Time to start making plans to go and clean it out so it is ready for summer!

5. Make sure the bikes/roller blades/skateboards are ready for action! - That first sunny, 60 degree day is right around the corner! Make sure your wheels are ready to do a few loops around the neighborhood!

6. Yard work and garden prep - Getting everything in line to fertilize, mow, trim, plant and rake is a chore, but super rewarding when you have a lush green yard all summer!

7. Take down the last of the Christmas lights - We all know that person who has one last strand handing on their house. They've been "waiting for a nice day to take it down". Soon my friend, very soon.

8. Garage Sale prep - Spring cleaning tends to make me want to get rid of everything, so I don't have to clean it again. Time to start making piles of things I can sell from the comfort of my driveway!


What are your plans for the first day of spring? Share them with us in the comments! 

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