Minnesota is a state full of (sometimes) hard to pronounce names and cities. Here are a few of my favorite town names in this great state a little information about each of them!

Fruitville - Located in Benton County as part of the Mayhew Lake Township. It's just about 13 miles from St. Cloud. There are four communities that are also named "Fruitville" and they are located in Florida, Missouri and two in Pennsylvania.

Kiester - Located in southern Minnesota, with a population of 473. Popular for a Preparation H TV commercial that was filmed there in 2016.

Dilworth - Located in Clay County (North West Minnesota) and has a population of about 4,397. Dilworth was founded in 1883 when the Northern Pacific Railroad was extended to that point.


Eveleth - Located in North East Minnesota, Eveleth is home of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame. Eveleth also has the "world's largest authentic hockey stick", which is 107 feet  long and weighs 3 tons.

Sleepy Eye - This Minnesota City was named after Chief Sleepy Eye who was known as a compassionate person with droopy eyelids. It is located in Southern Minnesota in Brown County.

Cologne - Located South West of the Twin Cities, with a population of about 1,598. It has a dominantly German population. In 1939, the town of Cologne was preserved on film in the amateur short film Cologne: From the Diary of Ray and Esther, which depicts life in the German-American community before America got involved with World War II.

Frazee - Located slightly South East of Detroit Lakes. It was named Detroit and later Third Crossing before adopting its name of Frazee after R. L. Frazee, owner of a sawmill. The town is also home to the Worlds Largest Turkey, Big Tom.

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