I love a good ghost story, even if it's just folklore. There are a few places in central Minnesota that have a reputation of being creepy. Are these places just victims of childhood legend or is there truth to some of these stories? You be the judge.

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1. Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre: Guests have reported hearing, smelling and seeing unexplained figures while staying at the hotel. Their reputation for ghosts was so well known that it caught the attention of the 'Ghost Adventures' crew. The Palmer House was featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures...and the crew actually caught footage of unexplained happenings.

2. Saint John's University in Collegeville: College students have been spreading rumors of ghosts on campus for decades. It's allegedly haunted by a bear and a monk who drowned in a nearby lake. Some of the stories are just legend...but, it still makes for a creepy story that'll send chills down your spine when you're on campus late at night.

3. SCSU's Shoemaker Hall in St. Cloud: Some students who have lived in that particular dorm will tell you all about the unexplained events that have happened while staying there. It's allegedly haunted by a woman who took her own life in the basement meat locker.

4. Skatin' Place in St. Cloud: There are no historical records to prove whether this is fact or fiction. But, the Skatin' Place is allegedly haunted by the spirit of a little boy who drowned in a swamp land nearby. Former employees will tell you about some of the strange happenings they've encountered. Maybe it's haunted, maybe it's not...but, the stories are still very creepy!

5. D.B. Searles Building in St. Cloud: Creepy by nature, the building was once the site of the Colbert Funeral Home. It's since been the site of office space Former employees will tell you all about their spooky ghost stories and supernatural encounters.

6. Pioneer Place on 5th in St. Cloud: it's allegedly one of the most haunted places in the area. There have been several psychics and mediums who claim so. Some guests who have used the men's restroom have also claimed they've experienced paranormal activity.  Last year, someone allegedly caught a ghostly image on camera. Check it out here and let us know what you think.

7. Thayer Bed & Breakfast in Annandale: It's well known by locals that travelers aren't the only guests of the hotel. People have reported seeing figures of women, hearing strange noises and even seeing ghost cats. Real or not, it's definitely creepy!

Have you had a paranormal encounter at any of these places? Let us know about it. Is there a place we left off our list that you feel should have been featured? Comment below!

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