The Pioneer Place on Fifth in Downtown St. Cloud is one of the most haunted places in Central Minnesota. Over the years the owners have had various psychics and mediums come to the building to confirm that there are in fact spirits that reside there. They think there are three different spirits in the building, two of which are prominent characters. Upstairs is an older gentleman in a black suit. He tends to linger near the men's restroom, but he has also been spotted on stage. The other is a woman in her mid 30's who is typically sensed in the basement, and that is who is believed to have been captured in the pictures above. She is known for being a little ornery, moves things around, slams doors, and likes to mess with the electricity in the building.


The pictures above were taken by Ryan Schepp, owner of Cream City Tattoo in St. Cloud, during the final Performances of Carnivale Revolver last Friday at the theater. Some people were thinking it was a stray performer walking by the mirror at the right time, but no one in the cast matches the face in the mirror! Believe what you will, but I think the Pioneer Place ghost was caught photobombing!

Special thanks to Ryan Schepp for allowing us to use his photos! Learn more about the ghosts of Pioneer Place on Fifth in the video below!

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