Counterfeit dolls valued at more than $600,000 were seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in International Falls. The dolls were traveling to Washigton state via rail car.  A total of 60,180 mermaid and fashion dolls were found to be in violation of regulations on intellectual property rights, and even had copyright protected markings. In total the counterfeit toys were worth an estimated $601,198! That's a lot of money considering the dolls don't look to be worth much more than a couple dollars.


The US Customs and Boarder Patrol team has been tracking this shipment of dolls since May. It seems silly, it isn't like drugs were being smuggled into the country through these dolls, but  counterfeit merchandise can damage the economy and threaten the health and safety of us here in America. So even though they were just dolls, they had the potential to do over $600,000 worth of damage to the economy.

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