With summer just around the corner, the kids are getting ready to be done with school and hang out around the house. Why not keep them busy with a new furry friend? The Tri-County Humane Society has a lot of great pets looking for loving homes. Here are some benefits of adopting a pet.

1. Teaches Responsibility - Kids learn what it takes to care for another life. They pets need to be fed, watered, bathed if dirty, and need exercise. Summer is about learning life lessons and a pet will help with that!

2. Stress Relief - Petting soft things has been proven to help calm anxiety attacks. Even if your life is crazy, winding down at the end of the day with your pet can help relieve some of the stress.


3. Adopting Helps Put a Stop to Mills - Puppy and kitty mills are places where dogs are bred for the sole purpose of making money and a lot of times the animals are mistreated. By adopting dogs and cats from shelters you are making a difference in eliminating the need for mills.

4. Promotes an Active Life - If you get a dog, chances are good it'll need to go for walks, which will get you out of the house and may even help you shed a few extra pounds over the summer!

5. Saving Lives - Adopting pets that need homes saves their lives. Sometimes shelters get too full and pets unfortunately have to be put down. By adopting you are making sure that pets get loving homes and get to live life to the fullest.

Meet out Pet of the Week, Peanut! 

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