One of the top trending hashtags on Twitter this week was #ReasonsIGotGrounded. The answers have been pretty comical. My favorite has been the one where someone "Salted the beds":

Hilarious. I thought it might be fun to come up with silly things Minnesota kids might have been grounded for!


1. Not eating all their hot dish. - Bonus days stuck in the house if they complained about its taste or didn't eat it but still asked for dessert.

2. Taking the tractor to school without permission. - Tactor Day is a big deal. But asking for permission is a bigger deal.

3. Staying at Summer Time by George too late and missing curfew - 10:30 pm doesn't mean 10:45 pm.

4. Getting a door ding in mom's car in the Coborn's parking lot - It happens. But no one ever wants it to.

5. Not politely waving at every car they pass - It's an unwritten rule, and its the worst feeling in the world when your parents friends tell on you.

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