1. Valleyfair

If you got to bring a friend with you were living your best life.

2. Duluth

Canal Park, watching ships come in, Glensheen Mansion, Gooseberry Falls, Lake Superior. There's a lot to do in the Duluth area. My family went there for staycations multiple times when I was growing up. Then my sister started running cross country and we would go up every fall for a big meet.


3. Mall of America

This was probably disguised as a back-to-school shopping trip, but you were promised a wristband at Nickelodeon Universe, not knowing it was a good behavior bribe.

4. A Long Weekend at a Resort

Bonus points if it had a pool, and was more than an hour from your family's driveway.

5. Hiking and Camping at a State Park

There is a storage tote somewhere FILLED with disposable camera pictures of my family staycationing at state parks around Minnesota. Fresh air and family time! It's what staycationing is all about!