As my wife and I walked our dog Rosie around the block last night, she turned around  and looked at us with what looked like a very human-like smile on her face.

In that moment, we realized -- if anyone loves the current COVID-19 situation, it's her.

Here are several reasons my dog is loving COVID-19 and yours might be, too:

1. The Whole Family's Home

With many of the places my wife and I spend time closing down and our social life pretty much on hold, we've had plenty of time at home, which means Rosie's getting plenty of time with mom and dad. Rosie is a very social dog and loves just about anybody, but mom and dad are definitely her two favorites.

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

2. She's Spending More Time Outside Her Kennel

As my wife and I spend more time at home, that means Rosie spends less time in her kennel! We've had Rosie just over a year now, and from the beginning we established that she was going to spend the workday in her kennel. We hated to confine her for that long each day, but we knew it was the best way to build a routine and prevent her from having accidents in or tearing the house apart. As my wife and I spend more time social distancing ourselves at home, however, Rosie's been spending most of her day (and, lately, bedtime!) outside of her kennel!

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

3. She's Spending More Time Outside Than Ever Before

While our social life is on hold due to social distancing, Rosie's social life is sky high! With Spring officially here and our local fitness center temporarily closed, we've been taking more runs around the block or -- if we're really feeling ambitious -- hikes at a nature reserve! She's also had more time on the balcony as we work from home during the day. Outdoors is one of Rosie's favorite places to be (besides Grandma and Grandpa's in Fergus Falls), and she's been getting plenty of it lately!

4. She's Napping...Hard

With all of this time spent outside and with mom and dad lately, Rosie's been taking some enviable naps at one of her other favorite locations -- the couch. Whether first thing in the morning during our quiet time, during the afternoon while we're working or in the evening as we're unwinding, Rosie doesn't discriminate and is always happy to curl up for a snooze!

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

5. She's Snuggling...Hard

As I said before, Rosie loves people -- especially her mom and dad. She's not picky about when she naps, and she's not picky about when she decides to snuggle with us, either. And there's been plenty of snuggling lately! My morning quiet time can often be a real challenge as she climbs up onto my lap despite the my coffee in one hand and devotional in the other! But then she'll lean heavy against me or curl her neck over my shoulder, and it's hard to be upset!

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

While the COVID-19 virus has been a disruption to our lives (and probably yours, too), my dog Rosie certainly doesn't seem upset about it!

Why is your dog loving the current COVID-19 situation (even if it's a nuisance to you)?

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