It is almost Thanksgiving! Here are 5 last minute quick tips I have for you!

  1. Eat the pies first - I learned this from my high school science teacher. You can make mashed potatoes and a roasted bird any day. People don't always just show up at your house and hand you pies.
  2. Eat salad with dinner - Thanksgiving typically has a lot of salty and fatty foods. Add a salad into the mix so your palette doesn't get bored.
  3. Serve safe food - Room temperature food is a breeding ground for bacteria, and no one wants to get sick in a house full of family and only 1 bathroom. Here are some food safety tips!
  4. Don't overcook your turkey - The internal temp of your cooked bird should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the turkey out of the oven when it hits 155, because it will continue to cook after being taken out. They typically come up another 10 degrees, so you can avoid drying out the meat by removing it early!
  5. Take lots of pictures and enjoy time with your family - No need to explain why :)

Have a great Thanksgiving! See you around the St. Cloud area this weekend!

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