Spring officially starts on March 20th! I am super ready for it. Last year by this time we had already had a few days in the 60's, and this year that isn't exactly the case. But if we keep thinking warm thoughts maybe spring will get here faster! Here are the 5 non-traditional signs of spring I noticed over the weekend

Outdoor Events - There was a big benefit in my hometown and event tents were set up in the parking lot for it. It got a little chilly towards the end of the night but the fresh air during the afternoon was nice!

Morning Drive Mittens - I started to keep my mittens only in my car. They sit on my passenger seat most of the day, I only really need them for the morning drive in when my steering wheel is cold. Soon I hopefully won't need them at all!

My garbage can looks like this from it finally being nice enough to clean my car. My vehicle is a mobile storage unit for junk in the winter.

Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media

Driveway Drinking - Over the weekend we spent some time with our friends and when we pulled up to their house the lawn chairs were set up in the driveway. Naturally there were drinks in the cup holders. Never mind the fact that everyone still had jackets on.

Skipping the Gym -  Warmer temps mean longer walks for the dog. Longer walks mean more exercise, which also means justifying not driving across town to go to the gym.

We tried Starbucks new Spring drink! 


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