Spring is...hopefully around the corner. It may not seem that way right now, but there are some subtle signs that good weather is in our future. So, go make yourself some lemonade, open the windows, let in the sunshine and read this list to help channel your inner springtime fanatic!

  • The groundhog may have saw his shadow, but Dairy Queen on Highway 10 opened on Friday. Yes, you heard me right. They always shut down for the winter, but they're open, folks! Apparently, they're predicting spring soon!
  • The Minnesota Twins HOME opener is two months from yesterday, happening on April 5th. We only have to wait eight more weeks until baseball season.
  • Lent starts on Valentine's Day this year. That means Easter is right around the corner.
  • Fat Tuesday is one week from TODAY! Bring on the Marti Gras celebrations!
  • St. Cloud State's spring break is less than a month away! Students go on break starting March 5th!
  • Girl Scout cookies are on sale. That's always a sign that spring is not far off!
  • If you've noticed, the days are starting to get longer! Sunlight lasts a little bit longer everyday!
  • Daylight Savings time happens on Sunday, March 11th this year! That means we'll spring forward in about a month from now!
  • The first official day of spring is Tuesday, March 20. We really don't have that much longer!

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