Ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, "I literally see the same people posting the same things every time I'm on here."? I have. Maybe it's time to add something fresh to your newsfeed!

Here are five Instagram accounts in Central Minnesota worth following:

I stumbled across Rachel's work recently and LOVED her tendency towards whites, brights and stunning black and white photography. Also, her husband is a musician and guitarist for Owl City, so that's pretty cool.

It's pretty evident that Erin Rae loves love, and she captures it pretty dang well in her work. Interspersed throughout her feed, though, are stunning photos of kids in Africa she takes during her trips to Tanzania.

Let's be honest -- we all need advice sometimes, we all need a listening ear, and we all need love. Pregnancy Resource Center St. Cloud offers all that. Whether you think you need PRC StCloud or not, there's probably someone in your life who does.


Jules' Bistro is a staple of St. Cloud's fine dining. Support local -- follow on Instagram (and try not to get too hungry).

Have or follow an account you'd love to see featured? Leave a link in the comment section below!

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