Ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, "I literally see the same people posting the same things every time I'm on here."? I have. Maybe it's time to add something fresh to your newsfeed!

Here are five Instagram accounts in Central Minnesota worth following:

A self-proclaimed "lover of details, greenery, DIY, and story-telling through imagery," Tiffany did we most of us only dream of -- left her 40-hour a week job to pursue her passion. Now, she specializes in weddings, portraits, interiors + commercial photography.

Jeanie is a MN-based travel agent & owner of Memories Forever Travel. If her photos of trips abroad don't bite you with the travel bug, then I don't know what will!

Colton's approach to photography is simple, but his sense of adventure tangible.

Laurel is the cool, Minnesota girl we all aspire to be -- published author and writer, photographer and traveler. Look for her book "Finding Time."

Seeing as photography and travel seem to be the unofficial theme of this round of 5 Minnesota Instagram accounts you should follow, I thought I'd make a shameless plug for my own hobby-account. Last year, my wife Katie and I started a beer adventure blog to document our travels through Minnesota's craft beer scene. So far, it's taken us to over half of Minnesota's 150 breweries/taprooms and beyond! We hope to visit some breweries or sample some international beer as we travel Iceland, Ireland, London and Paris this month!

Have or follow an Instagram account you'd love to see featured? Leave a link in the comment section below!

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