Next time you've got a case of the travel bug, why not visit one of St. Cloud's sister cities -- Spalt, Germany!

Back in 2006, the city of St. Cloud entered into a sister-city relationship with Spalt, Bavaria in Germany. According to, "The aim of the partnership is to develop and deepen the connection and friendship between the two cities and to establish an international connection," a connection that has remained well-documented.

So where the heck is Spalt, anyway? Well, according to Toby Peter, Spalt Ambassador Spalt is "an idyllic town of 5,000 residents in Bavaria" located to the south of Nuremberg, Germany.

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Google Maps

Known for its hops cultivation and beer brewing, The Spalt Municipal Brewery is the last brewery of its sort in Germany. The Spalt hops have most notably been used by Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Budlight, and even featured in commercials.

Curious to know more about St. Cloud's German sister city, I took to Trip Advisor to see what one might do or see in Spalt. Here's what I found:

1. HopfenBierGut

Trip Advisor, Inspire685164
Trip Advisor, Inspire685164

Given Spalt's history in beer, it should come as no surprise that one of the top attractions is an interactive beer museum. "Explore our worlds of experience, such as the three-dimensional city map, the panorama cinema, the walk-in brewing kettle, the aroma station and the media beer table," reads the HopfenBierGut website. The museum has a five out of five rating and 20 reviews from people who have enjoyed their visit.

2. Stadtbrauerei Spalt


If the HopfenBierGut is where you can learn the history of Spalt's local beer, then Stadtbrauerei Spalt  (or Spalt Brewery) is where you can drink local beer! "The Stadtbrauerei Spalt is the only municipal brewery in Germany," boasts the microbrewery's website. "5000 Spalter citizens are proud brewery owners and therefore beer ambassadors for their beer. Character, passion and honesty. These things are important not only in humans, but also in beer. We live it!"

3. Barfusspfad

Hiking trail in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

After you've had your fill to drink, walk it off at Spalter Barfusspad -- Spalt's barefoot path! The 1.9km path is a sensory experience your feet as you walk barefoot over and through "gravel pools, cool forest floors, through the Bründlboch, equilibrium course, moor pools, cherry pits, and hidden power places!"

4. Abenteuerwald Enderndorf

proud of his courage the child in the high wire park. hanging bridge. HDR

If the barefoot path isn't adventurous enough for you, try out Spalt's "adventure forest" Abenteuerwald Enderndorf! Essentially a high ropes course that integrates into the forest, this adventure includes ropes, bridges, nets, and a zipline fun for young and old!

There you go! Just a few things you can do in St. Cloud's sister city Spalt, Germany!

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