Is there really anything better than sipping a cold one on the water?

We're still a month out from the official start to summer in Minnesota (June 20). But with the fishing opening weekend now behind us and daytime highs this week expected in the mid- to upper 70's, as far as we Minnesotans are concerned summer's as good as here! For the foreseeable future we'll be spending as much time as we can outdoors soaking in the sunshine doing things like walking, running, hiking, gardening, swimming, camping, fishing, boating, tanning or whatever else gets us out. For some, our favorite summer pastime is sipping a cold one on a patio -- whether at a brewery, a bar or at home. As Minnesotans, however, we can think of one thing better even than a beer on a patio -- a beer on or near water. With some 200 odd breweries around the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we turned to local beer bloggers Ale Adventures to see which breweries are located on or near water for drinks with a cool view. Here's what we found:

1. Outstate Brewing Company -- Fergus Falls

Two breweries in Fergus Falls are located on the Otter Tail River. Outstate Brewing Company is the newer of the two, located just upstream of Fergus Brewing Company (more to follow). Sitting at a slight bend in the river, Outstate offers a gorgeous panoramic view no matter the season. In the warmer months, the river can be seen flowing gently, surrounded by greenery. Sometimes wildlife can be spotted. In the winter, portions of the river freeze over, and a blanket of snow makes for a beautifully crystalline scene. A train bridge crossing over the river adds to the setting. As far as Minnesota breweries on water, you really can't beat Outstate Brewing!

2. Fergus Brewing Company -- Fergus Falls

Located just downstream of Outstate Brewing Company is Fergus Brewing Company. Sitting just above the Otter Tail River Reservoir and dam, Fergus Brewing offers fantastic views and catches a great breeze on hot summer days!

3. Goat Ridge Brewing Company -- New London

Sitting on the Middle Fork Crow River in the artsy community of New London is Goat Ridge Brewing Company. A charming taproom space with rustic vibes, the bubbling waters of the river passing by only add to the appeal. In the warmer months, live music can be enjoyed at a stage outside.

4. Hayes' Public House -- Buffalo

While not technically located on water, Haye's Public House in Buffalo makes our list for its proximity. Sitting just across the street from Buffalo Lake, Hayes' relatively new rooftop patio offers unbeatable views of the water. Uncovered, it's the perfect place to soak up some rays, sip some beers and catch a breeze coming off the nearby water.

If you're looking for a brewery in Central Minnesota located on or near water to enjoy a cold beer at this summer, you can't beat any of these! For the full list of Minnesota breweries located on or near water, check out Ale Adventures' guide here.

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