I love nothing more than a feel good, heartwarming, bring tears of joy to my eyes type of story. Especially when that story comes from Minnesota.

A group of Moorhead Minnesota officers took the time, the other day, to go above and beyond the call of duty during the winter season. Having just moved from the Fargo/Moorhead area, and having a few friends in the PD's there, this story doesn't surprise me and it warms my heart. Here's what happened to prove again Minnesota Nice exists.

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According to the Moorhead Police Department Facebook page in a post shared with a picture, they wrote:

These officers went above the call and duty and are an example of how we serve our community. On December 14th, officers were dispatched when they received a call about an individual in distress. After a short investigation, it was discovered that the individual was dealing with multiple health issues that were a significant cause of their stress. This was only compounded when the medical transportation service wasn't able to pick them up for a necessary appointment due to the snow on their driveway and sidewalk. The solution became immediately apparent to the officers on the scene. Without hesitation, they grabbed any shovels they could find, shoveled the sidewalk and entire driveway, and coordinated to get the individual to their appointment. Though we don't provide snow removal, these officers went above and beyond. Thank you Sergeant Bata, Officer A. Werk, and Officer M. Hanson!
Image Credit: Moorhead Police Department via Facebook
Image Credit: Moorhead Police Department via Facebook

The post has already been liked/loved/cared by 817 people, shared 37 times and has over 58 comments at this time showing nothing but outpouring support to some of Minnesota's finest. Thank you for your service and for making Minnesota proud.

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