When you're expecting your first child, you think you have an idea about how it's going to go...but, it's nearly impossible to be prepared for the reality of taking care of a newborn. Here are some new mom truths I learned really fast after giving birth to Charlie!

1. You won't get to sleep anymore and somehow it'll be OK. From the moment your little baby is born you won't get a minute of rest. When you're in the hospital you've got a constant parade of nurses, family members and friends going in and out of your hospital room. Then, when you go home you're up all night and day with your newborn. You'll never get sleep again but somehow it's OK and you adapt.

2. You'll run to the doctor for everything. I've probably been to the doctor ten times since Charlie was born. He had a crusty eye and clogged tear duct. After looking up his symptoms on the internet I convinced myself he was going to lose his eye. I panicked and ran to the doctor. Stay away from Dr. Google.

3. For little people, they eat and soil themselves A LOT. You'll become a feeding and diaper changing machine. I'm talking at least eight times a day.

4. They grow fast, so don't buy too many newborn diapers. I am the type of person who likes to be overly prepared. I had 4 packs of newborn diapers. But, I only got through about two packs before he grew and needed the next size up. Now I'm stuck with diapers I don't need.

5. It's impossible to keep up with laundry and housework. I'm a clean freak and even I couldn't keep up with my normal routine. There were days when I left dishes in the sink. That's unheard of for me. My nurse gave me the best advice...sit on the couch and enjoy your newborn. Don't obsess over cleaning right away.

6. The first day home is the hardest. I had no idea how emotional I'd be. You're tired from being in the hospital and you're stressed because you feel like you need to entertain the entourage of people that want to see the baby. All you want to do is sleep. Let people visit, but put them to work. Ask them to bring you a casserole or tidy up your house for you!

7. The children's book "I'll Love You Forever" will give you instant tears.

8. You'll worry they're growing up too fast. I look at my baby and feel like he's going to be a 30-year-old man tomorrow. I know he's only seven weeks old but I can already tell that he won't be my little baby forever. Enjoy every single moment!

9. People who have never experienced what you're going through will not be able to understand. Before I had a kid of my own, I thought I knew the struggle and what it was like. You're way more sympathetic to new parents once you've gone through it. I see new moms and dads as superheroes now.

10. When your baby is sleeping you still won't get sleep. During the daytime you'd think you'd nap. But, I would find myself staring at his cute little face for hours.

11. Daytime TV is actually really horrible. I watched the Food Network channel a lot. 'Friends' was my guilty pleasure at 2 a.m., and Netflix was a lifesaver.

12. Grocery shopping is impossible. I ordered all my groceries to be delivered to my house. I made the mistake of taking my baby to the store in person. His car seat carrier fit in the shopping cart, but there was no room for the groceries.

13. You'll worry that everyone is going to give your baby the flu. It's even worse having a baby during flu season.

14. You'll start to befriend other moms. It's weird because I've gotten really close to some old friends and acquaintances lately who are also first time moms. It's a great way to make friends.

15. You'll be worried to go to a restaurant with your newborn. My husband and I didn't go anywhere at all the first month Charlie was born. We were so scared that he couldn't handle it. Our first outing was to Famous Dave's for brunch. Charlie was good and it gave us confidence that we'll be able to live normal lives again someday.


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